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Building Better Workplaces

Being an Employer of Choice brings benefits to your organisation, your staff and your clientele. Building a workplace with a strong culture of interpersonal respect, great communication, a dynamic approach to change and transition and capacity and capability to fulfil the organisation’s vision means that consistent attention must be paid to how well you are planning, performing and monitoring your whole organisation.

MGN consultants have extensive organisation development experience across not for profit, local, state and federal government responsibilities. We will work with you to identify issues, set priorities and develop practical solutions from structural reviews to informal mentoring and support. We are also very experienced at undertaking workplace grievance investigations and can provide referees for you if you require assistance in this sensitive environment.

Our clients have included:
  • ANNECTO Disability Service – grievance/bullying management and investigation
  • Auditor General review of VP Workforce Planning capability – executive panel member
  • Darebin Community Health – policy review
  • Department of Justice – Courts and Tribunals Strategic Planning
  • Department of Sustainability and Environment – Workforce Planning
  • Frankston City Council
    • Grievance/bullying management and investigation
    • Frankston Arts Centre staffing review
  • Hanover Welfare Services - grievance/bullying management and investigation
  • City of Monash – Review of Youth Services
  • City of Port Philip - grievance/bullying management and investigation
  • State Services Authority - TAFE workforce planning – research and reporting
  • Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine – Strategic HR services
  • Victorian Farmers’ Market Association – performance management structure