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Responsible Gambling

Victoria has been a social policy leader in undertaking research and evaluation into responsible gambling programs and initiatives. MGN has been privileged to undertake three program evaluations and a review of the Victorian Department of Justice Research Grant System. We have also provided strategic advice to a Victorian metropolitan Council which is undertaking gambling impact research. Our gambling projects have myriad stakeholders ranging from EGM venue industry groups, intervention and support service providers, local government, Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, Venue Support Providers, venue staff, venue managers as well as venue patrons and the local community in which the gambling venues are located. Our experience is extensive and reflective of our capacity to manage complex and sensitive projects.

Our clients have included:
  • Department of Justice
    • Pathways to Recovery - Self exclusion Partnership Evaluation
    • Evaluation of the partnership between Consumer Affairs Victoria and the Office of Gaming and Racing to raise awareness of problem gambling and its impacts within school communities
    • Research Grants System Review – Office of Gaming and Racing
  • Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation
    • Evaluation of the Venue Support Program
  • City of Monash – advisor to gambling research project